JCF Ignite!

These are very concise and rigorous reports (less than 750 words) of a novel (potentially provocative) concept, analysis, insight or data presentation. The goal is to enable author(s) to disseminate worthwhile material in an exceptionally timely manner to enhance impactful discourse and consider paradigm shifts in the care of patients with heart failure. We specifically invite new ideas, innovative concepts and favourably disruptive discussions that challenge traditional dogma. We also welcome submissions of very concise data reports (e.g., one table/figure of new secondary data or analyses from a large-scale trial). Submissions in this category will undergo expedited review by a dedicated team of reviewers - in contrast to traditional external review. Authors will receive a decision letter within 7 business days, followed by online publication and broad dissemination on social media within 2 weeks.(Limits: 750 words, 1 graphic, 5 references, 3 authors; abstracts and supplemental material not permitted).