Title page| Volume 26, ISSUE 10, SUPPLEMENT , S1, October 2020


        TheJournal of Cardiac Failure (JCF) is pleased to publish the abstracts of the Heart Failure Society of America's (HFSA) Annual Scientific Meeting as an electronic supplement to the October JCF issue. These abstracts will be presented at the HFSA Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting 2020, held September 30 – October 6, 2020.
        The abstracts represent the results of many hours of hard work and research, and we thank all the contributing authors, as well as the HFSA committee in charge of peer-reviewing and selecting the final abstracts for presentation and publication. This would not be possible without their invaluable expertise and effort. Congratulations to all abstract presenters!
        HFSA and JCF welcome the submission of the final manuscripts of these accepted abstracts. In the past many have been published in the regular issues of JCF. We hope all of our abstract authors will consider submitting their papers arising from this year's abstracts, so that we may continue our mission of promoting research related to all aspects of heart failure, and to provide a forum for presentation of basic, clinical, and population-based research.