435| Volume 25, ISSUE 8, SUPPLEMENT , S158, August 2019

Marijuana Use is Associated with Better Hospital Outcome in Patients with Acute Heart Failure: A Propensity Match Analysis from National Inpatient Database


      Studies have shown conflicting data regarding the effect of marijuana use on heart failure patient. Its impact on the hospital course of patients admitted because of heart failure is largely unknown.


      To evaluate the effect of marijuana use on heart failure patient from national database.


      Adult patient with a principal diagnosis of acute heart failure (AHF) and their usage of marijuana were identified in the 2016 National Inpatient Sample database using disease-specific ICD-10 code. Both systolic and diastolic heart failure were included in the analysis. A propensity score-based match was used to generate a matched control group using age, sex, race, location, insurance, income, hospital type, hospital location, Charlsoncat comorbidity score. Prevalence, baseline characteristic of AHF patient with or without marijuana use was described and compared. Univariable logistic regression model was used to measure mortality, length of stay and total hospital charges.


      Marijuana use was found in 2.6% (4,224) of total AHF admissions (161,553). The mean presentation age of AHF with marijuana use was 50.6+0.4 years old. There is a male predominance noticed in marijuana use group (78.3%). Compared with marijuana group (3,764), the matched cohort group (3,764) has comparable age, sex, as well as the prevalence of comorbidities at baseline (Table 1). Marijuana use was associated with decreased inpatient mortality of patient who was admitted because of AHF (OR: 0.197 [0.046-0.833], p=0.0142). Subgroup analysis revealed a similar association between marijuana use and heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (OR: 0.114 [0.014-0.904], P=0.0134), but not heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (OR: 0.616 [0.067-5.628], P=0.6644). In addition, reduced length of stay (4. 2±0.1 vs 4.8±0.2, P= 0.0038) and hospital cost (43.8±2.0 vs 50.9±2.7, P= 0.0394) was also noticed in the heart failure patient with marijuana use.


      Marijuana use is associated with decreased inpatient mortality, length of stay and hospital cost of patients admitted because of acute heart failure